Commission for Dietitian-Nutritionist Education and Accreditation

I-CDEA is a key group leading, on behalf of ICDA, the guidance, development, and increased awareness of the standards of education and training that underpin the profession.

The I-CDEA is currently recruiting an Education Director so more information will be added to this page in due course, please also go to the ICDA LinkedIn page for any updates.

Current Objectives of The I-CDEA Program Include:

  • To Provide Assurance to the public in any country, that graduates from an accredited program meet the minimum international standards for a dietitian- Nutritionist
  • To Assist with mobility within the profession across borders where this is appropriate and to provide a basis for assessment of qualifications gained in a different country.
  • To ensure that Universities are providing educational programs that meet the International Standards.
  • To Contribute to the Development of the dietetics profession and to enhance the image of the dietition-nutritionist.
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