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This web-based toolkit was designed by and for ICDA members to support sustainability in practice.

The International Confederation of Dietetic Associations’ Sustainable Food Systems web-based toolkit supports nutrition and dietetic professionals to integrate sustainability into practice.

Nutrition and Dietetics & Sustainable Food Systems

Nutrition and dietetics professionals around the world work with food at various stages of food systems—from production to product development to procurement through to consumption. In these roles, you have a unique opportunity to influence these systems to be more sustainable, as well as nutritious.  

While scholars of many disciplines grapple with what must be done to create sustainable food systems, you can take these understandings of the what and apply it to the how … and be a part of making it happen! 

The toolkit is intended to help you understand sustainable food systems, identify your knowledge gaps, deepen your knowledge in particular areas, understand the relevance to nutrition and dietetics, access tools for putting this knowledge into practice, and help you share challenges and successes with colleagues to inspire and support others. 

What’s in the Toolkit?

The Toolkit includes:

  • Information about the Toolkit’s vision, objectives, guiding principles; the coordinating and advisory team; a definition of Sustainable Food Systems and an extensive glossary.
  • Learning Modules: structured learning opportunities about core concepts, how sustainability is relevant to nutrition and dietetics, and how to apply this in practice.
  • Resources: a curated collection of documents, research, podcasts, webinars, case studies, and tools that help you to learn more about sustainable food systems and see examples of how others are putting this into practice.

Visit the Sustainable Food Systems web-based toolkit and share with your colleagues

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